Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) movement began several decades ago in Kansas as a run to raise awareness and money for Special Olympics. Today, LETR still sponsors the annual torch runs held throughout each state, but it has also grown into an international movement. Officers sponsor the Polar Plunge Series, the Plane Pull, Tip-A-Cop and so much more. Most importantly, they raise community awareness about Special Olympics athletes and the value and positive impact individuals with intellectual disabilities have in the community. Officers, using the Special Olympics as a platform, educate the public about community policing, crime prevention, and build trusting relationships with the public. This vital mission is critical for our athletes, who are often the most vulnerable and at-risk members of society.

Special Olympics Colorado owes a great deal to our law enforcement community. Officers not only keep our athletes and communities safe, they have the power to transform lives. The opportunity to transform lives is particularly evident in the typical life of a Special Olympics athlete. Moreover, athletes revere officers and their contributions to society. Every day officers that volunteer on behalf of Special Olympics Colorado change the lives of thousands of athletes. Officers lead by example, and as a result, we thank you and acknowledge that we cannot serve athletes without your help.