Group and Corporate

There are three reasons why corporations and local businesses should partner with Special Olympics Colorado. First, the Special Olympics’ brand is well recognized and reputable. In fact, more than 90% has a positive view of Special Olympics. This level of brand recognition is enjoyed by few non-profits.

Secondly, our reach throughout Colorado is felt in both urban centers and rural communities. Plus, Special Olympics Colorado impacts nearly 75,000 youth and adults which is a significant percentage of schools throughout the state and the majority of Colorado counties.

And third, we rely on more than 9,000 volunteers annually. Volunteers help make it possible to host more than 100 events and competitions throughout the year.

We offer priority volunteer and team building opportunities for our corporate partners. Those same volunteers report improved teamwork and enhanced internal relationships as a result of working with Special Olympics athletes.

Aligning with Special Olympics Colorado allows corporations to showcase their social responsibility, build brand awareness, and provide a vast array of volunteer and team-building opportunities for employees. In summary, choosing Special Olympics Colorado can be a win-win for everyone involved.

To view a list of our upcoming events, please see our Calendar. Then register your company team through our Volunteer and Family Services Manager, Georgia David at or  720.359.3130.