Thank you for your interest in becoming a Special Olympics Coach!

Coaches are integral to the success of Special Olympics. Anyone involved in coaching Special Olympics will tell you the personal rewards are great. They all share the same desire – to help the athletes be the best they can be. People (ages 16+) with or without prior sports experience can serve as coaches.

Coaching Special Olympics athletes requires a level of dedication that goes beyond that of one-time event volunteers. Coaches are required to go through the Coaches Certification Process and need to be available two or more times a week to train with their athletes. Athletes are required to have trained at least 8 weeks before competing at a Special Olympics event.

As a coach, you will also be responsible for coaching and chaperoning your athletes at local and state competitions and submitting your team’s entry forms prior to competition.

Individuals can become Head or Assistant Coaches, however both require the same certification process.

If you are looking for more of a one-time event volunteer opportunity, please feel free to check out our other Volunteer Opportunities.