Plane Pull presented by Subway General Event Information


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YOUR TEAM PULL TIME- We unfortunately cannot provide exact times as there are many factors that affect the pace of the event. I can share some helpful tips:

  • Teams pull based on their number in the team lineup which will be sent on Wednesday, August 14th in the afternoon to team captains. 
  • The Plane Pull starts at 11:00 am with the Highest Fundraising Teams (Law Enforcement, Overall Team, Individual) followed by some of our major sponsors. After sponsors comes the team lineup based on your pulling number. Please check with your team captain to find out what your pull number is.
  • Registration is open from 9am – 1:30pm. Please check-in at registration when you arrive in order to receive your wristband for the pull.
  • It takes 2 minutes for most teams to pull plus several minutes reset the plane. You can estimate your pull time based on your pull number + when the event starts + number of teams in front of you. This isn’t the exact formula to your pull time, just an estimate to serve as a guide! Add another 15-20 minutes to account for any traffic, shuttle time, check-in time, etc.
  • When you arrive at the hangar, please check the digital screen that is on the stage to see what team numbers are on deck to pull.
    • If you see that we’ve already passed your number, that’s ok! Just hop in the line and let the staff person at the line know that we passed your number and they’ll help you get your team to pull.
    • If you arrived earlier than expected, that’s ok too! Enjoy the party inside the hangar, Departure Lounge sponsored by Verizon Wireless, and enjoy cold beverages, snacks, subway sandwiches, games and more!


  • Reminder, parking is NOT provided at Signature Flight Support. Parking for all participants will be at the Denver International Airport CDL Training Lot located at 7198 Scottsburg St, Denver, CO 80249. Enter this address into your map functions. The directions in your map function should align with those on this map.
  • Shuttles are provided, courtesy of Transportation Sponsor, ABM, and running every few minutes from the CDL Training Lot to/from Signature Flight Support. Please plan ahead to account for shuttle time.

2019 Plane Pull Sponsors Lockup