Fundraising Tips and Ideas for our Upcoming Plane Pull presented by Subway!

In being a part of the Plane Pull, each team is required to raise a minimum of $1,250! Here are some helpful tips you will find useful to reach your fundraising goals!

Raise $150 In A Week! 

  • Day 1- Make a $20 donation to yourself to get started!
  • Day 2- Send an e-mail to three friends asking them for a $10 contribution
  • Day 3- Ask one parent and one sibling for a $10 contribution
  • Day 4 - Bring a pledge sheet to work and ask co-workers for $10 to support your fundraising goal
  • Day 5- Send an e-mail to four family friends and relatives asking for a donation
  • Day 6- Ask two people at your favorite hangout, restaurant or tavern for a $5 donation
  • Day 7 - Put a post on Facebook asking for a $10 donation to help you reach your fundraising goal

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Other Fundraising Ideas and Hints

  1. Send a fundraising e-mail or letter to your friends, family and neighbors. If you are sending a letter, be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  2. Add the Special Olympics Colorado Logo to your email signature. Be sure to also include the link to your fundraising page to encourage everyone to visit and donate!
  3. Link your fundraising page to your Facebook and Twitter account asking for donations.
  4. Double your fun: Challenge a friend or colleague to participate with you!
  5. Ask your supporters about matching funds from their employers.
  6. Always follow up, via phone and/or email. People will appreciate the reminder.
  7. Send thank you letters to all of your sponsors after you participate (and include a fun picture, so that they remember you next year). Don’t forget that you can also send out emails to your online donors directly through your fundraising page.

Team Fundraising Ideas

  • Poker Plays Pay- Invite 10 people over for a round of charity poker. Send invitations explaining your participation and request everyone brings $25-40 mad money. Provide refreshments.
  • 5 Cents at a Time- Each team member runs a bottle drive in their area. Go door-to-door and collect bottles from your neighbors and friends.
  • Have an At-Home Happy Hour- Invite your coworkers, friends, family and neighbors over for an evening of drinks and snacks. Charge a “cover” or have them buy a glass in order to generate funds for your team!
  • Host a Bowl-A-Thon- Cut down on costs, do a Wii Bowl-A-Thon at someone’s house!
  • Personal Assistant for a day- Offer to run errands, babysit, organize, clean a fridge, dog-sit, etc. for a donation to your team.
  • Bake Sale- Bring baked goods into your workplace and raise money toward your team.
  • Chili/Pie/BBQ Cook Off- Charge a small entrance fee, then small tasting fee. Invite friends over to watch a sporting event etc.
  • Sports Bracket or Pools- Organize weekend game brackets for NFL/College Football. Charge a fee, with a split of proceeds to the winner.
  • Charity Game Night- Organize a game night. Charge a small entrance fee, all money goes to your team.
  • Potluck Lunch at Work- Have co-workers bring a dish into work, and everyone can donate money for the food instead of eating out or bringing lunch.
  • Gift Wrapping- Offer to wrap gifts in exchange for a donation to your team.
  • Used Book Sale- Ask people to donate their used books, and sell them at work.
  • Trivia Night- Organize a trivia night at your house, with a small buy-in. Split proceeds with winner.
  • Change Collection- Set up a collection jar at your workplace or ask friends for spare change.
  • Bar/Restaurant Night- Get a local bar or restaurant to donate proceeds to your team.