November Male Athlete of the Month: Steve Wiggins, Mile High Region

Steve Wiggins has been a role model for Special Olympics Colorado athletes since he started with the program in 2005.  Steve, aka, Stretch, is an all-star athlete in nearly every SOCO sport- and he loves them all equally! When asked what his favorite sport to play is, Steve replied “All of them! I love them all because they push me to work harder and get better.” That’s exactly the never give-up attitude Steve’s coach Denise Hulstrom used to describe this incredibly determined athlete. As she put it, “Steve has a very persistent nature and even through times of frustration, he will continue to work hard at a task until he feels he has completed it to the very best of his ability.”

In addition to his determination, Denise says Steve is an energetic and positive individual with a heart of gold. This is definitely something Steve prides himself in as well. When asked how SOCO has impacted his life, he simply stated, “Playing sports makes me feel good, because it makes me try harder. It taught me to help others by being a good leader and that’s not something you often see in pro sports anymore. I want to bring it back.”

Congratulations, Steve, on being selected as November’s Male Athlete of the Month!