hope stang coach of the month picNovember Coach of the Month: Hope Stang, Northeast Region

Hope has been a head coach for four years now but has been involved as a parent for 24 years! Hope has been a mainstay in the Greeley Special Olympics program.  She coaches basketball and bocce and assists with gymnastics, as her daughter participates yearly.

Hope has been nothing but the ideal coach in any athlete and administrators eyes. She has the ability to take the changes and difficulties that come at her each season and turn them into a positive.  She has the innate ability to be the stern, rule follower but at the same time show love and compassion for each of her teams and athletes.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to help not just her program, but any coach in need of assistance.  Hope is truly an inspiration!

Since day one, she has been nothing but a shoulder to lean on for new coaches in the Greeley area.  She takes on other events outside of SOCO when it is supposed to be her ‘down time,’ raising money for multiple organizations.

Congratulations, Hope for being recognized as November’s Coach of the Month!