Local Program Fundraising Resources

Thank you for considering raising funds for your school, team or local program!

Important Notes:

GRANTS: No one should ever apply for funding from a company, foundation or grantor without first contacting SOCO. See a potential funding opportunity? Reach out to Julia McConnaughey at for help!

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS: Have a local company in mind you would like to approach for a sponsorship? Reach out to Victoria MacFarlane ( with any questions and to confirm that SOCO does not already work with that company.

Should you need any additional help or information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Maggie St.Clair, Development Assistant at

Thank you so much for your support of our programs and athletes!

General Fundraising Ideas



Anyone wishing to raise funds for their specific program can do so by creating an online fundraising page via the Colorado Gives website. All donations will come into Special Olympics Colorado’s main office and will then be distributed to each program’s specific account.

Donations will be tax deductible and donors will receive an email with the tax deductible information and a mailed thank you letter from SOCO.

How to set-up a fundraising page: 

  1. Click here to go to the Colorado Gives website
  2. Create a log-in/account
  3. Search for “Special Olympics Colorado”
  4. Click on “fundraise”
  5. Follow the steps to set-up a fundraising page
  6. Click submit
    SOCO will approve the page within 24 hours and then the site will be “live”!



Email writing is a great way to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time! Write personal emails to your family, friends, and co-workers and let them know why you are raising money.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make it easy for people to donate! Send everyone an email with a link to your fundraising page.
  • Make it personal, rather than sending a mass email. Tell your story. Share with others why you participate.
  • Share a picture of your experiences with SOCO!
  • Have fun with it! Make a contest or game out of it – the first person to donate, or the largest donation gets a gift from you!
  • Follow-up. Be sure to say thank you to donors after they make their donation.
  • Make the ask early and often!



  • Find out about matching gift policies at your company. Some companies match employee fundraising, while others match donations made by employees. This is an easy way to double your donations!
  • Have your donors find out about their companies matching gift policy to see if their donation will be matched.
  • Host a Casual for a Cause day at work. Employees can donate a set amount to wear jeans and funds raised support SOCO.

Minutes that Matter

Minutes that Matter is a one-minute fundraiser for any school’s Special Olympics program on campus. During the designated one minute, classrooms will collect donations from students and teachers. 100% of the money raised during the Minute that Matters will go directly fund Special Olympics activities in that school.


Step #1: Get Approval!
Talk with your administrators and teachers at your school and get them on board. Reach out to any student groups/clubs on campus that are willing to help! Go challenge an administrator or leader on campus to do something wacky, creative or fun if the school raisers a certain amount.

Step #2: Promote the event!
Create posters and flyers to promote the event. Put up posters, promote on social media, make announcements over the school intercom and remind students to bring in their loose change each day all the way through the one minute challenge!

Step #3: Plan to Collect the Money!
Provide each teacher/classroom with an envelope or paper bag with a note explaining Minutes that Matter and give a timeline in which the fundraiser will be taking place. If you are planning on doing the Minute that Matters during an assembly make sure you have plenty of bins or bags to collect money from all students.

Step #4: Execute the Minute that Matters!
Either during classroom time or at an assembly, make an announcement and count down from 60 seconds over the school intercom. While this is happening the envelopes and donation bins will be traveling around collecting donations.

Step #5: Send the Money to Special Olympics CO!
Collect the money from each participating classroom. All money collected must be sent to Special Olympics Colorado (12450 E. Arapahoe Road, Ste. C, Centennial, CO 80112), attention Paige Clough or contact Paige to pick-up the funds.

Click here to download the flyer.
Questions or Concerns: Paige Clough,

Fundraising at Restaurants

The following restaurants will facilitate fundraising nights for qualified nonprofits. Fill out their online application, and a percentage of the profit from a given night will go back to your Special Olympics program!

Be sure to advertise the event once the date is approved by the restaurant. Print out flyers to put up around town, create a Facebook event and share it with your friends, or get permission to make an announcement at school!



Buffalo Wild Wings

California Pizza Kitchen


Noodles & Company

Panda Express


Red Robin

GroupRaise can also connect you with a variety of local restaurants who offer fundraising opportunities.

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