Family of the Year: Ewari Family

Angela Enzo Winter Games 07Azur Goalie 'Wolf' Donaldson MLS All Star Unified West Rapids RepsAngela Ewari and her sons, Azur and Enzo, have been involved with Special Olympics Colorado since 2004. Angela has been
actively involved as a member of the Games
Organizing Committee, an Assistant Skating Director, Volunteer and Information Services Director, Assistant Golf Director, and Human Resources Director. Her sons, Azur and Enzo, both began volunteering with Angela when they were just five years old. At age 10, they began volunteering at the Summer Games in Grand Junction. Currently, they are members of the Youth Activation Committee, and are also Unified Partners on the Unified Rapids Soccer Team.

The Ewari family enjoys spending time with their friends at Special Olympics Colorado, and getting to see the athletes experience joy and excitement with each practice and competition. Angela states, “We all have developed a greater level of respect and compassion for everybody from our experiences with Special Olympics Colorado. The athletes have shown us the beauty of smiling and appreciating what you have at any stage with any result.”