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Ongoing coaches education is the most significant factor in the improved training of athletes. The goals of Special Olympics’ Coaches Education program are:

  • To provide every coach working in a sport with a basic knowledge of that sport (events, rules, basic skills and how to teach those skills).
  • To provide all coaches with knowledge about Special Olympics, its history, philosophy and goals.
  • To provide all coaches with knowledge about persons with intellectual disabilities and the current trends in this field.
  • To provide coaches with information on sports injury, risk management and providing a safe environment.
  • To provide a practical experience coaching Special Olympics athletes, in order to put into practice information provided by the Coaches Education Program.
  • To provide coaches with general knowledge about the art and science of coaching sports.

Special Olympics provides our volunteer coaches with the basic principles, techniques and tools to effectively coach Special Olympics athletes. Coaches education is necessary and mandatory. Our athletes deserve the most knowledgeable coaches who are trained, who can access sport-specific coaching guides and rules, who provide the safest environment in which to train and compete and who receive ongoing education. Click below for the coaches training sessions near you!

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