Coach of the Year: Randy Hass

14457261_1086066064834372_2519091790026562181_nRandy Hass has been involved with Special Olympics Colorado ever since his daughter, Caitlin Hass, became an athlete eight years ago in aquatics. Randy, not being the type to sit and watch, became a coach. He has been a hardworking and well-respected aquatics coach for Cherry Creek Aquatics, volunteering as Assistant Coach for one year, and Head Coach for the past four years.

Randy’s expertise and work ethic have made his Cherry Creek Aquatics program one of the strongest programs in the state. His team practices year round and he trains athletes of all ages and ability levels. One of the most memorable moments in coaching for Randy was at the Centennial Girls Swim B League Meet in February this past year. Four Special Olympics swimmers were able to compete at the high school level just like the rest of the high school teams. Randy loves being involved in Special Olympics Colorado because he enjoys giving back to the community. In his words, “to know that you’ve helped another achieve a dream is energizing; coaching is the best time of my week!”

The Cherry Creek Aquatics Team has thrived under Randy’s leadership, and he is a fantastic role model for his athletes. It is for these reasons that we are proud to award Randy Hass the 2016 Coach of the Year presented by the Hyatt Regency.