The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

We recognize that it takes a lot of thought to get you to this point, and for that, we are so grateful that you have chosen Special Olympics Colorado to help in fulfilling your desire to give back to your local community. Volunteers can transform our organization and make a lasting impact with our athletes. We are here to make your exploratory process seamless and the approval process simple. Your interest in working with our athletes and supporting our athletes is a commitment we take seriously. Because you have chosen to invest valuable time in our mission, you have our commitment in that we will give you the tools you need to be successful.

We have a vast list of opportunities for you to explore. From coaching our athletes (many may say the, “the most fun I’ve ever had.”) to helping out with one of our cool fundraising events to helping run one of our competitions. Each and every role is invaluable to us and makes a big difference to our athletes and their families. There’s more of a description below of what each role entails and how to go about registering as an official volunteer of Special Olympics Colorado.

We also have a brief description of our main events in our About section, our Give section and our Calendar. We expect you to find this experience a rewarding one, too. If there is anything we can do to help make your initial orientation to our family seemless, please do let us know!


Join us for our 2016 Summer Games in Grand Junction!

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Participants running track

Class A Volunteer – Coaches and Unified Partners

Coaches, Unified Sports™ Partners, those handling over $5,000.00 at one time and/or those in a position as follows: Chaperone, Local Program Coordinator, Driver, Athlete Leadership Programs, Fundraising, Photography, and Videography. The Class A volunteer application also requires a separate background check (with your Social Security number and Drivers License) along with a $16 fee. Once you are approved, you will be cleared as an Official Volunteer of Special Olympics Colorado for three years.

1.  Complete the Class A Volunteer Form along with an attached clear photo of your primary photo ID.

2015 Class A Volunteer Application Print Version

2015 Class A Volunteer Application online submission option

2. If you submitted electronically, please submit a clear digital copy of your photo ID by email to Since you will be sending the photo separately from you application, please include your full name and phone number in the email.

3. Complete the online Protective Behaviors Quiz

4. The Class A Volunteer Application also requires a separate background check including a Motor Vehicle Check along with a $16 fee. When you receive a link from us to complete a Background Check, please complete the form and pay the application fee (occurs once every three years).

After you complete Steps 1 through 4, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Manager Katie Roche who will then get you connected to the appropriate Special Olympics Colorado staff member to get you started. We look forward to working with you!

Class B Volunteer – Competitions and Special Events

If you are interested in volunteering at a competition as a day of event volunteer, officiate one of our sporting events or help volunteer at a fundraising event, please view our Calendar of events to view the options we have throughout the state. We have plenty of exciting roles and positions to fill and some of our events have provided a brief description of several positions within the calendar. Check out our Calendar – we hope to see you soon!



We encourage you to hear from a couple of volunteers who were recently inducted into our Special Olympics Colorado Hall of Fame:

2014 SOCO Volunteer of the Year – Rod Seeba

2013 SOCO Volunteer of the Year – Carolyn Rettig

Rod with athlete

2014 Volunteer of the Year, Rod Seeba

“I started volunteering in 1981, my brother invited me to come out to an event with Special Olympics Colorado so I jumped in and helped him, and I got hooked. I try to make every event that I can and I just love it.”

“The performance that the athletes do – you watch them, and the struggles they may have, they overcome them and they still win at the end. So when I see these athletes performing, they’re at the top – they’re on the highest platform and it’s incredible. When I leave these events it’s almost sad because there was so much good and happiness. They keep your perspective on life correct. I always go back home full – there is no half-empty when you leave the event, and if you do then you’re at it for the wrong reasons. Before, after or during the games it doesn’t matter, it’s always giving back – it’s always there.”

Participants carrying flag in parade

Volunteer Applications

Class A Volunteer

Coaches, Unified Sports™ Partners, those handling over $5,000.00

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