Healthy LEAP

Program Overview:
Healthy LEAP is a nine-week program that includes weekly lessons that have been created specifically for youth with and without intellectual disabilities (ID).

Each lesson includes specific tasks and activities to jumpstart the practice of a healthy lifestyle. A designated and trained facilitator at each school will present the program.

Program Components/Lessons:

  • Food Groups
  • Healthy Weight and Obesity
  • Behavior and Stress Management
  • Bone Health
  • Sports Nutrition and Hydration
  • Exercise and Injury Prevention
  • Sun Safety
  • Personal Hygiene: Hand Washing and Oral Hygiene
  • Prevention of Tobacco and Alcohol Use (high school only)

Each participant will also receive materials that will include activities for the participants to do at home.

Recognition & Results:

  • Healthy LEAP was chosen as an “Innovative Practice in Education” and presented at the 2016 Zero Project Conference in Vienna, Austria – the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
  • Recognized by the United Nations due to the great success of the program in providing assessment, outreach and engagement with individuals who have special health needs, as defined by the Arizona Department of Health.
  • 40% of the programs participants experienced a decrease in BMI during the period Healthy LEAP was offered.

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