Healthy Athletes

Through the Healthy Athletes® program, Special Olympics Colorado athletes receive free screenings in a fun, welcoming environment that removes the anxiety and fear individuals with ID often experience when faced with a visit to the doctor or dentist. Our mission is to improve each athlete’s health and fitness, leading to enhanced sports experience and improved well-being.

All of these programs are non-invasive screenings designed to offer additional support at no cost to our athletes and their families. Health care professionals and students are trained to provide the screenings in an effort to educate the professional community about the health needs and abilities of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The key objectives of Special Olympics Colorado Healthy Athletes are:

  • Improve access and health care for Special Olympics athletes at event-based health screenings and make referrals to local health practitioners when appropriate.
  • Train health care professionals and students in the health professions about the needs and care of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate data on the health status and needs of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Advocate for improved health policies and programs for person with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics Colorado offers six disciplines:

HA Disciplines








Any SOWI athlete who has a valid medical form on file is welcome to participate in the Healthy Athletes Program.

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