Health and Wellness

Why Health?

People with intellectual disabilities have a right to health care. A person with a disability is not an inherently unhealthy person. Their health status is affected by genetics, social circumstance, environment, individual behavior, and health care access. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), despite the severe need and higher health risk, people with intellectual disabilities are denied health services, community interventions, and there is a lack of targeted interventions and programs for the population.

Why it Matters:

Due to this magnitude of health barriers, people with intellectual disabilities have poorer health than the general population. Health care professionals who volunteer with Special Olympics have found that Special Olympics athletes are at increased risk of secondary health issues:

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What We Do:

Special Olympics is the world’s largest public health organization for individuals with intellectual disabilities, providing access to free health services for a population with significant, unmet health needs.

Special Olympics Colorado focuses on preventive health care. Using evidence based interventions, we work to promote health behavior change through health education, goal setting, athlete leadership, trainings, and health screenings. We provide accessible information, resources, changes to systems and policies at the individual and community level that support sustainable healthy and productive lives for our athletes.

Take a look at our current health programs:

Healthy Leap

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Healthy Athletes

Healthy Athletes Summary


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