Special Olympics Colorado
384 Inverness Parkway,
Suite 100,
Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: 720.359.3100
Toll Free: 800.777.5767

Fax: 303.592.1364


Mindy Watrous, President & CEO, 720.359.3111

Kyle Visser, Competition Assistant, 720.359.3126


Administration / Finance

Becky Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer, 720.359.3105

Jennifer Moore, Office Manager & LETR Assistant, 720.359.3111

Allison Tolson, Database Assistant, 303.249.6374


Marketing & Communications

Lexie Vean, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, 720.359.3122


Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR)

Jan Gordon, Senior Director, Law Enforcement Torch Run, 720.359.3112

Jan Radnoti, Director, Law Enforcement Torch Run, 720.890.2962

Jennifer Moore, Office Manager & LETR Assistant, 720.359.3111



Megan Toohey, Vice President of Development, 720.359.3109

Freda Davenport, Development Manager, 720.359.3114

Victoria Paterson-Maiman, Community Partnerships Manager, 720.359.3108

Julia McConnaughey, Grants Manager, 720.359.3121

Britanny Saunier, Special Events Manager, 720.359.3101

Brittany Javor, Development Coordinator, 720.359.3107

Jeff Steron, Development Assistant, 720.359.3125


Chaka Sutton, Senior VP of Programs, 720.359.3102

A’Lisa Tello, Senior VP of Training & Program Innovations, 720.359.3133

Mandi DeWitt, Director of Young Athletes, 720.359.3117

Julie Fite, Western Regional Manager, 970.945.0395

Susan Foege, Competition and Training Manager, 720.359.3116

Jeff Franklyn, Northeast Regional Manager, 586.615.1070

Tony Giorgio, Data Entry Clerk, 720.359.3110

Samuel Miller, Mile High Regional Manager, 720.359.3104

Jolie Nesmith, Southeast Regional Manager, 719.574.8480

Sydney Park, Athlete Leadership Program Manager, 720.359.3128

Allo Perry, Unified Schools Manager, 720.359.3106

Emilie Ricker, Program Operations Assistant, 720.359.3119

Wendy Sinnema, Data Entry Clerk, 410.814.9991

Claire Viater, Volunteer and Family Services Manager, 720.359.3130

Zach Warner, Denver Metro Regional Manager, 720.359.3113